February 15, 2017 : ATP Testing on Dr. Oz

ATP Testing on Dr. Oz

In a segment on the Dr. Oz show, a viewer was asked to sleep with her make up on for a week to see how much bacteria would be on her face by the end of the week. The results were shocking!
They used a Hygiena  ATP EnSURE luminometer and ultrasnap swabs to do the test to see how much ATP (live bacteria) resided on this viewers face after a week of not washing her face. Before they gave the results of her face, they said how they had recently tested the dirtiest places in a home, like the sink faucet, and that got a score of 689. It would seem like a sink faucet would be dirtier then a week’s worth of makeup on the face, right? Wrong! After they swabbed her face and put the ultrasnap swab into the ATP luminometer her results came back at 3753! So next time you're tired and don't feel like washing off your makeup you might want to think again!